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About Delhi

Delhi capital of present India and its administration head quarter has its own glory from historical period of times when India was under the rules of different dynasties.  Delhi , is one of the largest metropolitan cities in India,located on the bank of river Yamuna.

Delhi has its many historical monuments including massive forts like Red fort and old fort, qutab minar, tomb of Mughal emperor Humayun, India Gate – the war memorial, President house  and also it has the charm for its modern attractions like Lotus temple

and Akshardham temple etc.       
Legendary capital Indraprastha , as described in great Hindu epic Mahabharata , is believed by the people  that this was in Delhi.               

Delhi also has its many other attractions like shopping, entertainment , travelling by variety of local mode of transport inside city like Delhi Metro, Cycle rickshaw, horse cart etc, variety of dinning options with varieties of cuisine starting of lavish Indian cuisine to Chinese, continental, Spanish, Italian and many more.      

Due to migration of people from all over India Delhi has become as multi cultural, cosmopolitan metro city. Delhi has its public transport system like buses, metro rail system, cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws.     

Delhi metro rail is a popular and fastest means of transport in this busy metropolitan city. Delhi and its surrounding places like Gurgaon and Noida is well connected by this Metro rail system.

In Delhi busses and auto rickshaws run on compressed natural gas to control pollution.    

Places of Tourist Interest :

Delhi has its numerous kinds of attractions from its historical monuments among which some are world heritage monuments, royal gardens, museums, holy places and many more.       
Delhi has three world heritage monuments like Red fort built by Mughal empire, Qutab Minar – tallest minaret and humayun’s tomb – tomb of Mughal empereror Humayun.   
Except these world heritage sites Delhi has its many unique monuments and places to describe its long dated back history and its rich culture being capital of India.  
In case of sightseeing in Delhi basically this can be divided in two parts i.e. Old Delhi and New delhi sightseeing.
Old Delhi part is related to the Mughal and Turky rulers who used to make this part as their administration head quarter and built many architectural wonders which are now heritage historical monuments and some of them are in the list of world heritage monuments.
This Old city part of Delhi given a gorgeous development at the of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan who built Taj Mahal in Agra. Emperor Shah Jahan constructed this Red fort, Jama Masjid ( biggest mosque of India ) and a colorful market Chandni chowk.     

Old Delhi monuments :

Red Fort :
Red fort in Delhi is one of the major tourist attraction. This is located at Old Delhi near to historical Chandni Chowk market, Red fort was constructed by great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan , builder of Taj Mahal.
This was a gorgeous and rich presentation of Mughal empire Shah Jahan but due to lack of interst by the next Mughal emperors and finally the then british rulers took its maximum valuable ornamentation including precious stones , gold etc its lost maximum of its richness. But still today it has the presence of its architectural buty and its massiveness.
Every year on 15th August Prime minister of India raise flag on Red fort to celebrate Independence day of India and gives speech to the nation.

Humaun’s tomb

Humaun’s tomb in Delhi also located in this Old city part of Delhi and has its very unique characteristic to attract the tourist. This tomb is of Mughal emperor Humayun. This tomb was built in 1565 A.D by Hamida Banu Begum wife of Mughal emperor Humayun.
At the time of visting this monument you can get an example of Mughals life style. You will get here gardens with seasonal flowers, many trees and plants.
This tomb stands on a stone platform surrounded by many channels which used to fill by water to keep the gardens natural and to lok them green and full with many flowers.

Jama Masjid :

This Jama Masjid which is closer to Red fort was also built by Shah Jhan – the Mughal emperor and this is the largest mosque of India. Shah Jahan constructed many mosques among them other popular mosques are Moti Masjid or Pearl Mosque in Agra and other mosques are located at Ajmer near to Pushkar and at Lahore in Pakistan.
This Jama Masjid also known as Friday mosque as on Friday , prayer day of Muslims , a lot of people come together to pray here.
Speciality of this Jama Masjid is that this located on a very good height which has given this Jama Masjid a special look.

Chandni Chowk

This  Chandni Chowk markets has a lond dated back history since this was strated by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. This colourful market is believed that was designed by Jahanara-Emperor Shahjahan's favorite daughter.This was dedicated to serve the shopping purpose of then Royal famiy.       
At present time also Chandni Chowk has its glory for a large whole sale markets inside this historic Old city. Chandni Chowk is famous for its numerous markets like India saree, spices, jewelery and many more.

An unique experience of rickshaw ride  at Chandni chowk market
At present this cycle rickshaw ride at Chandni chowk market is an unique chance to visit this old market and to explore many of its historical havelis and its local markets. Cycle rickshaw puller will take you through inside these local markets and our guide will explain you about its history and about the products are selling there.
In Chandni Chowk you can get a charm of Indian cycle rickshaw ride inside this busy colourful markets. This cycle rickshaw ride at chnadni chowk will give you also a live example of busy Indian markets and its common people.  

New Delhi

New Delhi is the modern city of Delhi and this is its extended part. In New Delhi you will get this modern well planned city with all its major roads , government buildings, hospitals and many more facility like fast transport system Metro rail etc.
There are also many grand monuments and museums located in New Delhi like India Gate, President house, Qutab Minar, Akshardham temple, Rail museum, Indian National Museum, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial, Lotus Temple, Akshardham temple, Birla temple etc.

India Gate

India Gate is a war memorial , 42 metres in height , constructed by then British government of India after World war – I . India gate is dedicated to honour those brave solders who died in the battle field to protect this country.
There is an “ eternal flame “ or popularly known as 'Amar Jawan Jyoti' burning here since 1971    This eternal flame keeps in the mind the memories of those brave soldiers who fought at battlefield until their last drop of blood to protect India.        

India Gate in New Delhi built in 1931 and designed by sir Edwyn Lutyens. 

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial / Raj ghat

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial , popularly known as Raj Ghat is the place where “ Father of the nation “Mahatma Gandhi’s last rituals were performed on 31st Jan. 1948. Ragghat or Mahatma Gandhi Memorial is located on the banks of river Yamuna inside a beautiful park where you can find the burial place of other Indian leaders and Primeminister including Mrs, ?Indira Gandhi and Rajib Gandhi.    

People including Indians and foreigners who admired Mahatma Gandhi for his non violence steps to solve the problems at that time when India was under British rule.  
Opposite to Rajghat you will find Gandhi Memorial Museum where you come to know more about this great soul Mahatma Gandhi.

President house

In this grand palace honorable president of India leaves at the time of President’s 5 years tenure. This President house was built by then British government for the residence of British Viceroy. This President house designed by Edwyn Lutyens. British govt. decided to built this grand mansion when they shifted the capital of then India from Kolkata to Delhi.

Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar is the tallest minaret in the world. This Qutab Minar is 234 feet in height and a tallest tower in the world.  This is a finest example of Indo-Islamic Afghan architecture. Qutam Minar is now one of the top most world heritage monuments.

Akshardham temple
Akshardham temple in New Delhi is the biggest Hindu temple in the world and a finest example of modern temple architecture of India. This Akshardham temple is one of the prime attractions of Delhi.
Though this temple has built in present time but it follows the art and architecture of Indian age old culture and architect. This Akshardham temple reflects the essence and vastness of India's ancient architecture, traditions and endless spirituality. This temple including its complex spread over 30 ares of land and located on the bank of river Yamuna. Akshardham temple dedicated to Swaminarayan so this is also known as swaminarayan temple.
Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple in New Delhi is another prime attraction and architectural beauty as the entire domb of this temple has shaped in the form of an unfolding Lotus with its 27 petals. This total shape of lotus along with its 27 unfolding petals is made of white marble has given gorgeous beauty to this temple. This Lotus Temple also known as Bahai temple as this temple is constructed by Bahai community. People from any religion can come here to pray.

Birla temple or Lakshmi Narayan temple
Birla temple is also known as Lakshmi Narayan temple is another tourist attraction of New Delhi. This temple is mainly dedicated to Godess Lakshmi – godess of wealth and prosperity and to God Vinshnu or Narayan – father of this universe as believed by Hindu religion. This temple is very near to city centre of Delhi Connaught place.         

This Birla temple inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi on condition that the people from any religion  can ebter into this temple. This Lakshmi Narayan temple or Birla temple built by the famous industrialist of India Mr.  G.D. Birla in 1938

National museum

National museum in Delhi is another interesting spot of visitng in Delhi. National museum is the treasure house of glorious past of India. Here you can come to know about India’s age old civilization like Harrapa ( Indus valley civilaztion ) National museum in Delhi its rich collection of excavated items many of which date back to 2nd and 3rd century B.C. 

Rail museum

Rail museum also has its unique attraction to its visitors. As Indian rail has always a special role in Indian life since the British rule so the Rail museum described a lot about the history and its impact on Indian life and how it grows develop from then historical period to its modern era when India has many super fast trains with a comfortable and fast journey.  Rail museum in Delhi is unique in its collection of rail engines and locomotives since since 19th century when India had its first railway lines.

Accessibility : 

Delhi the capital of India and one of the metropolitan city of India and being an important city in the world is very well accessible in India and with other countries and cities all over the world. Numerous flights from all over the world connect Delhi by flight so if any body is coming to India can get maximum number of flights to Delhi in comparison to the flights connecting the other cities of India from abroad.     

Inside India this is also well connected by air, road and rail with all major cities , rural and urban area.

Accommodation : 

Delhi being an important tourist and business destination it has very good accommodation facilities. In Delhi you can get all kinds of accommodation starting from very luxurious hotel accommodation to home stay and guest houses. So Delhi offers many kinds of accommodation facility which can suit every needs of  any person or tourist starting from luxury standard to very budget accommodation with basic facilities.
In Delhi in case of luxury accommodation you will get world class luxury 5 star hotel groups and even the boutique hotels.
So tourists in Delhi can choose the accommodation as per their demand and budget.

Fairs & Festivals : 

Delhi also has many colorful fairs and festivals which show case culture and tradition of Delhi. Some of these major colorful festivals among them are Holi – festival of colour, Diwali – festival of light, 15th august – Independence day of India, Gandhi Jayanti- Mahatma Gandhi’s birth day, 26th January – Republic day of India, The Qutub Festival – takes place at Qutab Minar. Some other important events which takes place in Delhi in an regular interval is Kite flying festival, International Mango festival – also Mango is national fruit of India, Auto expo- Asia’s largest auto show.

Holi – festival of colour
Holi – the festival of colour takes place every year in Delhi and all over India at the end of winter season. This festival of color is very popular all over India. On this day people spread color on each other and distribute sweets among friends and relatives. This is a festival of joy and happiness.

Diwali – festival of light   
Diwali – festival of light is also one of the important and gorgeous festival of Delhi. On this day people decorate their homes with colorful lights , perform puja ( pray ) of Goddess laxmi – goddess of wealth and prosperity. As per Hindu religion this festival express the win of good on evil.

15th august – Independence day of India         
15th august – Independence day of India is an important and special day all over India and in Delhi. On this day India got freedom from British rule and got the independence. On 15th August Prime minister of India raise flag at Red Fort in Delhi and address the nation.
Gandhi Jayanti- Mahatma Gandhi’s birth day        
Gandhi Jayanti- Mahatma Gandhi’s birth day is again an important day and festival in India and in Delhi. In Delhi Mahatma Gandhi’s birth day celebrate with great enthusiasm.

26th January – Republic day of India    
26th January – Republic day of India is famous in India and in its capital Delhi as on this day Constitution of India came into force and India came as true sovereign state and a democratic country. This day fulfils the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the numerous freedom fighters who, fought for and sacrificed their lives for the Independence of their country.  
In Delhi you can get a mighty cultural and military parade which shows India’a cultural diversity and military mighty.

The Qutub Festival – takes place at Qutab Minar

The Qutub Festival – takes place at Qutab Minar. In this festival Qutab Minar keeps as backdrop of the music and dance performances as performed by numerous musicians and dancers from all over India. This is no doubt an attractive festival in Delhi.     

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