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Tourism in Orissa

Stretching for 320 km against the shores of the Bay of Bengal, the eastern state of Orissa is a treasure trove of intricately carved monuments and temples, robust wild life, pure white beaches and intriguing tribal country. A tour to Orissa is a pilgrimage to the Sun God at the Sun Temple in Konark and homage to Lord Jagannath at Puri.

The Lingaraj Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva completes the Golden Triangle, but definitely not the sights in Orissa. Orissa has been a preferred destination from ancient days for people who have an interest in spirituality, religion, culture, art and natural beauty. Ancient and medieval architecture, pristine sea beaches, the classical and ethnic dance forms and a variety of festivals.

Places of Interest

Puri : A heaven on earth is the common description of Puri. Both the devout and the pleasure-seeker bestow such praise on the place. The world's biggest Vishnu temple dividing the skyline through a host of smaller temples overlooking Puri's wide.

Beaches in Orissa .

Not only does the bracing and invigorating climate of Orissa add freshness to the soul, its beaches too add a slice of serenity in environs that are conducive to introspection and conviviality.

Handicrafts in Orissa

Orissa' is famous for her handicrafts which exhibit the skill and creativity of her artisans. Her brass work, silver work, terracotta art objects, and applique work are unique examples of artistic excellence.

Wildlife in Orissa

One of the greatest benefits of Orissa ‘s vast expanses of unspoilt natural landscape has been its ability to offer a protected yet natural habitat to the state’s incredible wildlife.

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